Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Change Gratitude Makes

Changing your perspective may be easier than you think.

It actually only takes saying thank you to another person, yourself, or God.

Here's how it works: When you decide to be thankful, instead of worried, it stops the drip of CRH (I call it Critical Ruminating Hormone because it makes you worry.) That stops the adrenals from secreting ACTH which is your depression hormone. (I call this one Actually Creating Threat Hormone because it makes everything look black. It makes everything seem bad or threatening.)

The easiest way to stop this physical-emotional trend is gratitude. Scripture calls giving thanks when it is hard, the "sacrifice of praise" or giving thanks when you feel the opposite.

Are you thinking that's dishonest? or phony? Not if you are doing it with the desire to change. If you know you don't like how you are feeling and thinking, just choose to give God thanks no matter how you feel, and watch to see what happens. God loves to act for us, loves to move into miracle mode because of our faith. It is our faith in His goodness that gives Him the right to act on our behalf and blow away the schemes of His enemies (yours too by the way).

And faith doesn't have to be a foundation you've laid, it can be a risk you are taking. It can be a divine experiment if you aren't sure God is there or that He cares. Go ahead and ask him to show you how much He cares about you.

And when you see it, believe it, don't pass it off as coincidence. It's your answer for reaching out to Him.

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