Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's important to have your unconscious mind working with you.

  I had a session last night that started me thinking. I introduced someone to HUM which is my label for Healing the Unconscious Mind. One of my mentors, Dr. Wiggins, taught me this process and shared that your unconscious mind is 7,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind, so you definitely want it working for you, and not against you.
  But why would it work against you? Because your unconscious mind is all the things that have ever happened to you, all the thoughts, feelings, or reactions that you've ever had, all accumulated beliefs, chosen or just accumulated. If all of that unprocessed stuff is 7000 times more powerful than your choices, you might be in for trouble.
  For instance if you are trying to break an addiction, you want, no, you need, your unconscious mind on board. It may still believe that you need the addiction because you took it on for some reason. It worked to make you feel better or escape something--usually bad feelings. If it sabotages you because of fear of losing one of it's comfort tools, and it is way more powerful than consciousness... You get the picture, if it's working against your best intentions, you have a poor prognosis. You want it working for you, with you, in sync. So healing it (changing old beliefs) and educating it is very important. HUM is in my book and is a simple process of telling your unconscious mind what you want from it in at least three different sentences and saying "Heal or Jesus" after each one. Your unconscious responds very well to both of those words and will go to work for to make your request a reality.