Thursday, March 8, 2012

 It is two months tomorrow since I had that blasted red velvet muffin and just the last two weeks I have felt like myself again! Mind you, I can still feel the sciatica on occasion!
 I went back to Doc Duben the second time, and this time my top two cervical vertebrae were out. The third visit they were in, after another emotional healing. Wow! What an amazing thing NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) is! You can find old long-standing emotions stuck in your body for years, causing physical blocks or transmuting into pain.
 I learned about it two years ago, and included it as a resource for stress relief in WE-LY, but I am so impressed with it again. The doc's understanding of physiology that is based on the acupuncture meridians, and how they are affected by emotions, and how emotions affect them, is just incredible. He explained how the valve between the large and small intestine is connected to a muscle, which is connected to the sciatic nerve. When the valve gets knocked out by an allergy or huge emotional upset, it tightens the muscle, which pulls the sciatic nerve and causes pain.
 We really are an integrated whole that can't be separated. What affects the mind, affects the body and spirit. What affects the body, affects the mind and spirit. When the spirit is energized the whole being is uplifted. If it suffers all the parts suffer. Take care of you, all of you.