Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prescription Drugs can steal your self

"I feel like CRAP!" she said as she sat down. "And I think it's the antidepressants. They make me need meds to sleep and then I'm groggy in the morning. I feel inadequate. I'm afraid to speak up. I feel like a hypochondriac because I'm always trying to find out what's wrong. I'm afraid to let people know where I'm at, afraid I won't be accepted, and I have to do it on my own."
  For 5 years Terri had been feeling physically awful. Every three weeks she went to the doctor, an addictionologist, who would change her meds, but couldn't find anything physically wrong. Finally she was on 11 different medications, she was in pain so she added Darvocet, she was 30 lbs overweight, she had no motivation and was afraid she was getting Alzheimers. The Darvocet would make her feel guilty so she would go off. And then she would feel so bad, she would go back on.
  She was frantic when she came to me. We started working with emotions. We found lies and got them healed. We did Healing the Unconscious Mind on everything she was afraid of, and everything we could think of.
   In three months she was eating better, exercising more, telling the truth, and had returned to her normal weight. She had gone from 11 medications to four. She is off the Prozak which made her feel foggy, and the Darvocet, which scared her but she hadn't thought she could live without. She went to a new doctor who got her on a nonnarcotic for pain and found the cause of it. She feels like a new person.
   Can drugs--even prescribed drugs taken as directed--steal your self? Terri would say a resounding "Yes!"