Monday, September 5, 2011

Doing Hard Things

   I'm on a learning curve again: our fear of pain is partly because we were made for bliss. No wonder I want a happy, serene life, doing pretty much what I want to do.  However, I'm seeing that we were also made to take a risk, lean into a challenge, do the hard thing, fight for what we believe in.
   We've been watching old movies on Netflix, and loving it.  One of these got to me on this topic of risking -- "Only the Strong."  Have you seen it?  I love teachers-in-inner-city-type plots anyway, and capahuetta (SP?) is a form of Martial Arts I had never heard of--it's beautiful to watch.  My son-in-law introduced me to the movie. It was one of his favorites as a kid.
   Though basically I am a fraidy-cat, I love watching people who do hard things and make a difference. People who won't back down. A morning later when I was talking to God,  He reminded me of that movie and showed me that doing the hard thing is what makes life exciting -- knowing of course that He will see us through -- that we can count on Him to do that if we are making a statement about the goodness of His character, or standing up to evil as a boundary.  I got it.  It was lifting, inspiring, exciting.  Why live in fear of sticking your neck out? Trying and failing? So I'm going to send that email and invite you to read my blogs! (I admit it; I also got some fear healed.)