Sunday, February 20, 2011

You can now buy The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself HERE through Google Checkout!

Thanks for Visiting. We have set up a Google Checkout on site, and will possibly add a PayPal as well, for your convenience. I know some of you have tried to leave messages without success. I am very sorry, and will correct it as soon as I can figure it out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself is LIVE

Yesterday I got the very first copy of the book I've been working on for three years, The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself. It's a reality. After years of looking at it as manuscript and PDF files, it is a book! In publishing jargon it's live. It feels a little like having a baby, although it took three times longer and nobody ever worries if anyone will love your baby as much as you do. No one ever thinks it won't be good enough or wonders if you will be criticized because of it. Will anyone want my baby? is never an issue. You love them so much it doesn't matter. A book is not quite the same. You want everyone to see it and you want to show it to everyone, but is that OK?