You. You grew deep within me. A seed of Grace planted right into my Life.

The very existence of you is simply ridiculous Grace.

He creates only Good. You are Good.

You were born into a battle. We all are. This story is not about us. It's about Him.

And there is an enemy that will stop at nothing to keep you swirling in lies. To kill your heart. To paralyze you. To steal your Life.

He will tell you you're not enough. He will tell you you're not Lovable. That you have to just get by and make it happen. That you're on your own. That you're weak. That you just have to numb your heart and settle for less. The enemy is a liar.

The arrows will fly straight into the weak places of your heart. Piercing with a vengeance.

But they are not your Truth. Only He is.

You are Loved. Wildly. Recklessly. Relentlessly.

Never. forget. it.

You were created as an expression of Who He is. Love.

You are Love.


You will be men. Warriors after His Heart.

Never. forget. it.

You were made to fight. To offer your strength. To open wide and stand for Him.

Your Life is a calling to War. To Adventure. To Joy. To Love. 

Live it. Really Live it.

He is your Strength.

There is no battle you cannot fight in His name. No place He leads you cannot go.
This life will batter your heart. Everything and everyone trying to steal your strength.

But they can never take what He holds.

Listen to the heart beating in your chest. Protect it. Fight for it.

Your heart will always long for more. He made it that way. Seek Him and you will find you.

You're His.

Remember who you are. Be you.

Be His.

You can fill your ache with temporary happiness. This world will offer you that at every turn. You can live a life between the guard-rails. You can tell yourself it's enough. You can silence the Desire for more. And your life will slip away. You may wake up one day and realize you haven't really lived. You might not even notice. 

You have that choice. He gave you that. Love is not love without choice.

Love. Live. Choose Him.

Take the risk.

I promise you will never regret it.

You are His. He will always pursue you will a Relentless Love.

The breeze will touch your face with His Hand. The sun will warm your Heart. The stars will Whisper His Love. Notice it. Feel it.

He will Whisper Life to your heart.

Listen. Live the Adventure.

You are His. You are more.

Find your strength in Him. There is no other source other than His heart.

Men are drowning in this world. Being suffocated under the weight of their weakness. Their wounds stealing away the Life He gives. Never finding their Adventure. Or letting their fears be bigger than their faith. Dying without ever living. Losing their Life in the swirl of lies. In passivity

I pray you'll fight. That you'll be men after His Heart.

Men unmovable in His Love. Real men. 

Men desperate for more of Him.

Each one of you has a story to Live. A promise to bring to the world. You are a Whisper of Who He is. 

There is only one you.

Be the man you are. His man.

No matter what it takes. The battle is worth it. Fight with everything you have. And then let Him give you more.

He gives only Good Gifts. Only Grace.

Let your heart Breathe.

Live your story.

Be you. 


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