Sunday, January 27, 2013

Does God Call You Out?

Could you tell when you read the last post that my daughter was initiating divorce? She doesn't believe in divorce, is a product of divorce herself, wasn't going to ever get divorced, but here she is. Now she believes that she was physically dying in a marriage that didn't honor either one of them.

Should she have stayed for the kids? Some people think so. She believes they are already exhibiting less stress.

Having just spent two weeks there, I see they are doing well. I pray for their protection. So far the only thing that has changed is much less stress at home, and the three little boys go to Daddy's house on the weekends. They love it and count the days til they go again. They started out seeing Daddy every two days or so, now it is three to five.

I applaud her for scrimping to keep things the same for them. Sometimes she wonders if she can do it financially, and is tempted to worry. I tell her if God is leading her, He will provide. And He has.

I've been through divorce. I know how painful it is. I know the fall-out from it. Children pay the price.

I also know there is life after divorce. It certainly isn't the end of the world. Some of my best education came from it. It is generally hard on children, but if handled well they can grow from it also.

The point of her blog, and one I have learned through my own experience, is that you can't make other people's choices for them. Neither are you responsible for other people's choices. You are only responsible to deal with truth well--honor their choices and make yours the best you can--being true to yourself and how you believe God is leading you.

She believes God called her out of that marriage to become who she truly was meant to be.

I wanted her to stay and become who she truly is; she tried for several months and came to believe she couldn't. Our biggest role now is to support and not to judge.

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