Monday, December 28, 2015

Remembering Christmas

"There's this feeling of angst in my heart. This unsettled sort of ache. I love Christmas. But there's so much about it that just leaves my heart heavy.
What must it be like for Jesus?
How would it feel if your children got so busy celebrating your birthday with each other, they ignored you?
If they spent more time buying gifts for each other, and spending money they didn't have, than just simply slowing down to be with you?
If, instead of gathering together with you, they bickered and fought and peace was no where to be found?  
thought about all the little ways I could make Christmas more about Him. All the ways we could celebrate His birthday and leave the chaos of the world's Christmas outside.
This tiny baby shows up in the night. A king in a dirty stable. A new life begins. A life of the greatest sacrifice to ever happen. A life with the very most eternal significance there will ever be. A life of pure love. A life that would be extinguished for love. A Love that would conquer death. For me. For you. For all of us that choose Him. 
Or is it just about a little manger scene we bring out once a year and then put away in a box? 
Because, truly, Christmas is never over."

This was written by my daughter to her mom's group. I'm so proud of her!

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Lazarus Effect

Wow! that's something when you come back to post on your own blog and it confronts you with exactly what you need! And that ties in with what I was going to write about today: "the Lazarus effect."

It's a term I coined while writing my God-in-a-Box blog. And it replays this week. (If you would like a short devotional on Jesus' life from a cosmic perspective, go to http://Godhelps,net and click on God-in-a-Box in the menu.) This week is powerful because all of the blogs are on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead because it runs from Easter to Easter, giving you Jesus' life in a year.

But on to the Lazarus' effect: It's what happens when people reject in-your-face evidence of the truth. (In this case it's the truth about God.) It produces fanaticism. We all are confronted from time to time with evidence that forces us to rethink and reconfigure. I have been again this week in my marriage. It's called growth. A very common process of assimilation and accommodation that you've been using since you were born.

When you get invested in your beliefs so that you can't (won't) accommodate new evidence, you get the hardening, the anger or rage reaction, the denial that breeds the closed, I-know mind of fanaticism. Then BE CAREFUL. Facing the truth may be painful, but it's a whole lot better than shutting down. Healthier and happier for you and everyone around you--especially those closest.