Monday, November 3, 2014

Trust God and Find You

Today is my daughter's birthday. So it seems fitting to write why I am so thankful for her. If you haven't followed the story, she was trying to build a perfect life with someone who didn't want to be her protege, and she had to realize that half of that blame fell on her--after they had 3 boys.

It was extremely difficult for her to break up the marriage--she isn't a quitter, but she finally admitted that the best thing she could do for everyone's health was stop pretending and end the marriage. I wasn't sure she was doing the right thing, but she depended completely on God, and He came through for her. It was marvelous to watch.

I knew He would provide for her, even getting the right man for her three boys, but I was amazed at how fast it happened, and it wasn't the one I thought it would be.

It is a fabulous story. He has his own little boy now with her, but he is still a great father to her three who love him and look up to him.

I am so proud of her for becoming her own authentic person. I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes, "Submission to God is restoration to oneself, to the true glory and dignity of man." That is old verbiage, that means when we give ourselves to God we get to become our true selves--the glorious selves He intended.

The first step is recognizing that you aren't you. That you are trying to be someone else, even if you think it is what God wants you to be. Then submitting to God's leading, and letting Him become your best and closest friend.

God won't ever let you down--ever. He might take you on a wild ride, but He is safe and can be trusted. I am so proud of my daughter for leaning into this truth and experiencing it, even when it was scary. There were times when it seemed God had let her down, but she would cry and ask Him what to do. The answer would come, "Trust me even when it doesn't make sense."And she would. And He would come through. It was a thrilling ride--even vicariously.

I'm so glad He got you, Babe! And I am so proud of you for choosing to take that authentic wild ride of raw, flat-out trust. You showed all of us that God can be trusted, that He does speak to those who listen, and that He is worth it, and His ways end in peace. Thank you for risking to trust and be you.